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Find the effect!

Hab hier ein Zitat aus einer muenlichen Pruefung in Physik und ich moechte gerne, dass ihr erratet um was es dabei geht :mrgreen: :

A particle wich moves and has a own magnetic momentum and moves in an electric field. And this magnetic momentum interacts with the electric field. Because you can, with a Lortez transformation, show that in the system of the electron, the electric field transforms into a magnetic field. And this magnetic field influences the magnetic momentum of the electron, or the particle, it is not just applicable for electron, it's any particle with magnetic moment.
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$\vec b^{ \underline{ \tilde l \underline a}} b\!\!\!/ ^{\hat l \underline{\breve u} \overline{ \dot b \vec{ \ddot b b^\prime}}}$